Our fleet features 17 company tractors, and 14 trailers. Using safe, humane and bio-secure practices, we transport livestock locally, nation-wide and across the Canada-U.S. border, ensuring that each load passes vet inspection.

We have a variety of livestock trailers, varying in size and capability. A description of our trailers is as follows:

10-1 Spread Pot
We use this trailer mainly for moving culls, feeders, market hogs, early weans, goats, and cattle in the United States.

Straight Truck
The straight truck is primarily used to move culls, feeders and early weans locally. It is also used to transfer market hogs picked up from a farm to the market pot. This ensures that bio-health measures stay intact, as there is no cross-contamination from farm to farm.

Straight Trailer Hydraulic Floor
Straight trailers have 2 levels and are used to move culls, feeders, market hogs, and early weans. These trailers are used for a smaller load.

Tandem Pot Trailer
Our tandem pot trailers have 3 levels and are primarily used for shipping market hogs. With the capability to remove one level, these trailers are also used for shipping larger livestock, such as cattle or larger loads of hogs for multi-day trips.

Tridem Pot Trailer
Our tridem pot trailers have 3 levels and are primarily used to move larger loads of livestock.

Quad Deck Trailer
Our quad deck trailers have 4 levels and are used to move large loads of feeder pigs. We can also remove the top level in this trailer, enabling us to use it as a regular pot to transport market hogs or culls.

3 Deck Hydraulic Trailer
This trailer is purely designed for the transportation of feeders and market hogs to eliminate the stress an animal can face during transportation.

A few of our livestock pots have watering capability. This consists of a sprinkler and/or drinking system that allows our drivers to mist and provide a drinking source to the animals during a long transit.