A Brief History

Bill Warner and Nancy Venhuizen founded Warner Transport in 1997, as a small family owned for-hire transport company specializing in the transportation of livestock and grain.

With the increasing demand for bio-secure livestock transportation, the company expanded, moving the shop from its long-time home in Forest, Ontario to Thedford, Ontario. Complete with a state-of-the-art bio-secure two bay washing and drying facility, our Thedford shop not only services our own trucks, but is available to repair and wash other units as well.

We have 10 operational livestock trucks/trailers, to transporting swine throughout Canada and the United States. All of our drivers are trained in safe and humane livestock handling techniques, Truckers Quality Assurance Program, and general health and safety, all to ensure comfortable conditions for livestock during transport.

3 vintage warner trucks  original 27


IMG_1316Warner Transport’s responsibility is to continually improve all aspects of the transportation world in which we operate. Our vision is to focus on innovation through sustainable transportation procedures with a commitment to create a more respectful atmosphere in the livestock transportation community.




Our Mission
is to provide superior transportation services for our customers by maintaining and requiring strict employee adherence to our company policies and procedures.